Haiku Heritage

Haiku Heritage Thriantas

Thanks to a serendipitous meeting, I was blessed to obtain a foundation sire from Leslie Seddon of Sunrise Creek fame. Sunrise Frank is a beautiful buck with a bold head and eye and about as close to flawless color as one could hope for in a Thrianta. His first litter with me has proven that he passes that color on, and I can’t wait to find more matches for him and see what else we can produce.

Since Frank, all of my stock has either come from Leslie directly, or is heavily influenced by her bloodline. Leslie's line, in turn, was built on rabbits from Bill Mairs, Glenn Carr, Sonja Lyons, and Ann Ott.  I currently have a son and a daughter out of the only litter (so far) of the 2010 ARBA Convention BOB winning Thrianta, Sunrise Red Rum.  I’m also looking forward to getting my first litter out of Sunrise Copper Penny, Red Rum’s aunt and Elora and Johnny's grandmother. 

Furthermore, almost everything I have has Sunrise Bob (pictured below for reference) in the pedigree at least once. If there is one rabbit that is most influencing the early formation of my line, it is this incredible little rabbit. Many of my litters will be linebred on Bob, and I couldn't ask for a better rabbit to base such a breeding strategy on.

This foundation combined with Leslie’s continued mentorship should, I hope, provide for a show stopping crew of red rabbits. We are already planning national and convention appearances for 2011!

See you at the shows!

Photo courtesy Leslie Seddon

Planned Breedings

We are planning a flush of litters to be due in mid to late February, including the following tentative matches:
  • Sunrise Here's Johnny x Haiku Alpenglow (0HH15)
  • Sunrise Here's Johnny x Haiku Aurora (0HH17)
  • Sunrise Here's Johnny x Frozen Sunshine Cupid (CU1)
  • Sunrise Frank x Frozen Sunshine Philly
  • Sunrise Bob x Sunrise Copper Penny

Later on in the season, Frank's son Haiku Ocho Rojo will be bred to Sunrise Elora for convention prospects.