Haiku Heritage

Sales Policies

Please see the breed pages for current availability.

All rabbits born here leave my care with an identifying tattoo and paperwork and lifetime support and return policy. (No refund guaranteed, however.) I encourage new rabbit owners to stay in touch and ask questions and let us know how things are going with their rabbits, whether they are pets or for show/breeding stock.

All pet rabbits will be sold with a certificate of authenticity stating their date of birth, gender, breed, and ear tattoo number. Pet rabbits will be sold without pedigree for $25.00 unless otherwise noted. If you should decide you wish to breed or register your rabbit, the pedigree will be available for an additional $25.00.

Show and breeding stock will be sold with full three generation pedigree, and any other official ARBA paperwork it has earned. Show/Breeding stock is guaranteed free from disqualifications to the best of my knowledge at the time of sale. I can not be held responsible for disqualifications later caused by husbandry practices (IE; lost toenails, white spots from injuries, over or under weight from diet management,) but if a genetic DQ is later identified, you will be entitled to an exchange or you may return the rabbit for a refund. Show and breeding stock starts at $50 and goes up depending on show and breeding history, registration status, bloodlines, quality, etc.


Shipping is available during reasonable weather through Frontier Airlines for $150 plus the cost of health certificates and shipping crate.